Why would I do such a thing?


Well after certain anime watching group cofvuccof started, and being the only one without a blog can make you feel a little left out, yet that’s actually only a lame excuse because I did notice that blogging can a lot of fun and now I want to know that pleasure all by myself and I also got an excuse to do it hope it works.

Now the trouble is that I don’t fancy writing about ongoing anime, I’m too lazy for that and I don’t want to write about  anime only, that would be too boring, so I’ll try to include as many random things as I can, coherence not included but I hope to have a lot of fun doing this and I also hope that those who read it have as much fun as I did writing it.

Now since I’m not going to write about on going anime, I already have a list of some title that I haven’t watched or that I’ve watched but I needed an excuse to watch them again, I’ll start with some of Satoshi Kon’s works  and maybe some Evangelion, at least that’s the plan but you can never be sure.

Now I only need a nice screen shot to make it pretty. xP


12 thoughts on “Why would I do such a thing?

  1. I want to read what you have to say about (not necessarily reviews, as I don’t do much of those myself):

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Martian Successor Nadesico

    For now these are what I’m interested to read about from you :3

    • Sorry, should I have told you?
      I’m just starting so I thought it wasn’t a big deal.
      And don’t apologize, didn’t I said it was an excuse and I’m having fun doing this, is like I’m giving you the credit, take it and boast about it or be ashamed, whichever fits best.

    • If it makes Vuc feel any better, I only just found out too (sorry for the lateness, A!). That is, I knew you were thinking of starting one, but wasn’t sure when… Anyways, lovely to see you taking the stage (or should that be plunge, hehe) in the aniblogosphere as a blogger and looking forward to reading your thoughts in posts that are more than 140 characters! Lol! 🙂

      • Thank you for commenting.
        Actually if this makes everyone feel better I was planning on keeping a low profile until I could get the hold of it, so after some trial and error I would shout it to the world with an a supper amazing post.

        I just hope that 140 is not my limit. I’ll give my best anyway…. now were is the approve button?….xP

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