You can’t refuse Tokyo godfathers

I totally love Satoshi Kon’s works, though I haven’t seen them all, the ones I know are wonderful, he would show human nature in a way that would make us reflect about our everyday life, things that we might usually overlook, different kinds of people, different lifestyles, he would highlight them so the each one of us could appreciate them and have our share of a world in which we don’t belong to.

Close but not enough

About the film, at the beginning Tokyo Godfathers might look Christmas story and in fact is a Christmas story yest is even more than that. Forget that cliché of “What really Christmas is all about”, we’ve heard that so many times, is boring is overused and I’ve heard it so much already that I could wish that each year Christmas was about a different thing.

So instead of a wishy-washy I’ve seen it all Christmas carol we get guns, car races, traps(lots of them), panties, street fighting, kidnapping and not necessary all in that order and if you haven’t watched it yet I’m going to have a lot of fun spoiling it for you.

Merry Christmas!!!

Our heroes are not action figures or charismatic wannabe idols, it would be so boring otherwise. What we get is a trio of ordinary tramps, an alcoholic a transvestite and a girl, the usual. The live a happy life in the dumps and celebrating Christmas eve with a special dinner, and as a present from God they also receive baby girl that brings good luck.

Wings sold separately, batteries not included.

So they find this baby, but what do they do? People who can only worry about themselves, like each one of us, we all live in our own little world and suddenly being in charge of somebody else, would be able to take the responsibility? Is not an easy task and even if they accept, can they even take care of themselves? How could they be responsible for another human life. Yet they accept this challenge and decide to bring the baby back home where she belongs to, they also need to know why was she abandoned in the first place, she is such a lovely baby that whoever abandoned her must be regretting it already.

Is after this that the plots develops into a CSI Tokyo, with some evidence left in the crime scene they must find her owners parents. In the meantime they also have to confront their own past because even if you run away life will always send you the bill sooner or latter.

We all have a past, secrets that we don’t tell anyone, same goes for our protagonists they all have a story, why were they abandoned? What left them homeless and forgotten? What kind of problems could push a human being to take the path of abandonment?

I'll be seeing that in my nightmares

Hang on a second, were they really abandoned? Everybody has a place where they belong to, a place we call home, Somebody once told me “Home is where your heart is”, for people who have been forsaken by society, where is this place they can call home?

even if this story feels kind of extraordinary still gives the feeling that it could  happen to anyone, any day, anywhere,  but before that actually happens is a good idea to just stop and think about where exactly our heart is.


Always look at both sides before crossing the street

My favourite

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