12 Christmas moments of anime #5 One outs: the mastermind behind all baseball

I am late, but that doesn’t matter since we are still on 2010 and I hope to finish this before the year ends. I like to finish the things that I start (meaning that I LIKE to finish them, it doesn’t necessary imply that I actually finish them)

But I have absolutely no idea of what to write. I know what to do for my #1 and #2 but there are still 4 posts in the middle….. Ok I got flash of inspiration (a flash named manga updates)  so I better  finish this post before the inspiration disappears.

There is this anime, sometimes forgotten but I still love it to bits, (and yes I watched it this year. Continue reading


12 Christmas moments of anime #6 Mukya~

Shot!, playing catchup on Christmas Eve so I’ll keep it short. I started watching Nodame quite recently (last year maybe) and the way I came across with it was similar to all my discoveries: I was here, the synopsis there and one thing comes to another. The God of anime must be watching my every step since I kept finding this all this good anime just by being there. Continue reading

Ergo Proxy 03 Mazecity

Back to usual business. In this meditation was like a culmination of what had happened in the previous two episodes, and finally an opening and I really like it 😀

Vincent Law wakes up in a train after dreaming weird stuff about, I guess his past. His phone rings, is his android only to find out that there is a conspiracy of some sort, after being shot (but not hit) runs away, trying to scape from the city and while doing so Continue reading

12 Christmas moments of Anime #7 Are you enjoying the Time of Eve?

I’m finding hard to remember which anime made my year but when I think hardly enough I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually watched a lot of good anime this year. I think.

On of them was Time of Eve, which I also found just by looking in anime lists, not even recommendations. But I enjoyed it a lot, but just talking about favourite series I watched this year is not that much fun so I shall pick a moment of the series that I loved the most. Sorry I couldn’t find a video in English xP. Continue reading

12 Moments of Anime: #9 Tsundere service

Tsundere is an interesting concept to describe someone’s personality, and it wasn’t untill this year that I finally understood what it really meant that I also realized that I was, or maybe still am, one of them, but this is not about me is about the tsundere girls who made my year.

But before that, something to take note about this concept is that “tsundere” only describes certain traits on someone’s personality, is not a box to put  a person and expect to know how everything about them just because you classify them as such. A tsundere usually is a shy person that tries to hide her/his feelings by a tough exterior. This toughness acts as a shield to protect a person’s feeling, from fear of being hurt by others. After all showing our emotions is showing vulnerability and gives other the power to hurt our feelings.

So here are the tsunderes that made my year. Continue reading

12 Moments of Anime: #10 The bridge that leads to comedy.

I don’t like gag anime, because I dolt like to see the same joke repeated gain and again until the benevolent me can’t take it any more,in few words I get bored to death. The result was a post traumatic comedy aversion, so strong that I used to avoid any kind of comedy. Until Arakawa appeared.

Before I continue and as a side note, I know that the second season is not, and by the way thing are going will never be, as good as the first one but how could I forget all the happy moments. I was practically in hibernation and, by the time I woke up, comedy had become something very intelligent and sophisticated. Continue reading