Ergo Proxy 01 Awakening

Lets start with the facts: Ergo proxy was aired during in 2006 which makes it fairly new yet with so many new series airing each season we need to look back to the past and give old and not so old series the chance to prove themselves good. With this in mind I gave myself the opportunity to watch this series from the beginning again and finish it once and for all.


The story is quite complex and has a lot of symbolisms in a considerable amount of jargon, just remember, there is more than what meets the eye which in my opinion makes it more enjoyable. Each “meditation” the name they’ll use instead of episode, is not just for show but has a deeper meaning very relevant to the story and what they want to represent.

Maybe some spoilers

The story takes place in the future, in a city called Romdo which a kind of utopia and each citizen has a personal android called AutoReivs. everything should be peace and boredom but lately a series of murders have taken place, where AutoReivs attack an murder humans, something that had never happen before. The cause of this murders seems to be a virus that attacks AutoReivs, this Cogito Virus (that’s its name) supposedly gives AutoReivs self awareness the ability to think or themselves and therefore the ability to exist, but also it stops them from being controlled by humans.

I swear she's a tsundere

Our protagonist, a inspector by the name of Re-I with the help of her AutoReiv named Iggy, is send to investigate the murders. They need interview a guy named Vincent Law who is in charge of hunting and disposing the infected AutoReivs, he shows them the remains of an infecter android which leads the inspector to an old building. There they find a monster, which is not either human nor robot, and some AutoReivs infected  with the Cogito virus, this androids attack Re-I and we get some good action scenes, of course in the battle of man against machine man will always be the winner.

I need to practice that pose, looks cool.

Back at home Re-I does what all detectives do goes for a shower, after a little of fan service a monster breaks into her house to “attacks” but then starts crying, her and the monster. Suddenly another “monster” appears and they start fighting, end of the episode.

And we are left with a cliffhanger in the first episode but with a Radiohead ending “Paranoid android” which makes me forgive them for such atrocity.

Some screen-caps that were too cool to be left out.

Do not fear is not rape

The future of the ipad

Sleep is dear to me. And even more to be made of stone while the damage, and the shame remain; not seeing, not feeling, is to me a great venture: but don’t wake me up, speak softly.

3 thoughts on “Ergo Proxy 01 Awakening

  1. Ergo Proxy is one of the best anime I’ve ever seen, especially the first few episodes. It’s got the right amount of depth and action.

    Anyways, I love Re-L. Agreed about her poses. She makes some of the best poses ever!!

    • Ergo proxy is a good anime in many aspects, animation, character design and the plot too.
      I’m going to hate it a little when I get to the “fillers” but all in all I guess we cant complain.
      I’ll try to capture as many of Re-I posses as I can, and maybe try them myself after.

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