Ergo Proxy 02 Confession

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This sums up everything I guess

Back to matters of real interest:

In this second meditation we see a doubtful Re-I trying to get her head around the previous events. Trying to keep her composure but how could she believe in her own sanity if everyone around tells her otherwise? Even the robot’s voice (Iggy) gets deleted and to justify all this mess she is told that Vincent Law fancies her and has been stalking her. Good excuse actually because that actually might be true.

Reminds of a dating site

All her authority as policewoman or detective is taken off she can no investigate any longer cos she’s nuts ans is ordered  to see her PG,  which is the same doctor in the previous episode Daedalus who seems like a very interesting character but I can’t still figure out whether is a he or a she (trap), but since Iggy calls him prince I’ll assume is a he, even if his voice is played by a voice actress.

Is in his laboratory that Re-I reads about Proxies and we that the monster that escaped in the first episode is the so-called Proxy, an immortal being.

Is a trap

This same Proxy has taken a liking to Mr Vincent and starts stalking him, (who is the stalker now?) This doesn’t last very long and Vincent is attacked by the Proxy (motives still unknown) and as they play tag in a very crowded shopping centre, all the unaware shoppers that were in the way get short flight which probably ends in death Proxies have no delicacy, making a total of 42 deaths and 48 injured, even the lovely baby of a few minutes ago get’s killed.

Ain't it cute?

Ain’t it cute?

Re-I is also being meticulously supervised by everybody since her gramps doesn’t want her in the investigation. But big girls don’t go shopping when duty (and curiosity) calls, and there she goes to investigate. First stop: her place the crime scene where she was attacked the night before. As the flashbacks pass trough, she is then convinced that it wasn’t a hallucination but that it really happen(She was having her doubts too). It is then where she discovers an item that belongs to, the still lame, Vincent law… so he was really stalking her.

Opening your eyes does make you better good looking.

We then see the same Vincent as he gets cornered by the proxy, seeing himself with no way of escaping, he suddenly snaps and becomes good looking somehow different …..and another cliffhanger.

Opinions: This episode had a lot of things, and we also get to know more about the characters, we know that the dorky Vincent Law is not what it seems to be, we also get know what te proxies really are or sort off but they are doing a great job not giving everything about the plot away.

Screen-caps time

A woman must know how to use her charm

And Re-I knows

Aha spoilers

Creepy? that eye shines in the dark

See? Told ya



2 thoughts on “Ergo Proxy 02 Confession

  1. Ergo Proxy really crams a lot of stuff into the first few episodes… Perhaps too much. I think while the anime didn’t give away anything explicitly, it dropped too many hints that we kind of know what’s really happening and who the Proxy is. That took a bit of the suspense away for the rest of the series.

    Anyways, Re-l is really pretty! I love her style. ^ ^

    • Sorry for the late reply, I have no excuses so I’ll just apologize.
      And yes the first episode come out very fast compared to the latter one, until the final climax of course.
      The anime could have definitely been handled better, and forgetting for a moment how many hints they gave away at the very beginning they actually did many things right too.

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