12 Days of Christmas: The Baccano who wake me up to reality

Getting started in this industry called anime, can only be compared to being a new-born baby. And just like a baby who cannot feed itself, change clothes and can only cry about things, and I found myself in the same position.

When I started to watch anime I got fed with lots of shoujo and romance, took some recommendations from friends whom, now I know, didn’t have the same tastes that I do. , I also hadn’t even realized how enormous the anime industry really was and without any basis I assumed that there wasn’t so much anime to watch, nothing more than a few titles. Not only that but I was very complacent with every anime, I would practically “like” every anime watched no matter how bad, in a few words I underestimated anime.

But the moment I started to watch Baccano everything changed, it was like discovering the Holy Grail of anime, just Baccano alone made me realize so many things, like series don’t need to be eternal (cofBleachcof), that badass girls are more entertaining than pink fluffy moé ones, and still as cute, that you don’t need to have a main antagonist, that anime can be such a wonderful thing, I loved everything, not even a second of that series was wasted and when you receive such a high dose of good anime in one shot you can’t remain the same, and for me it had created a wall, a wall in my mind that separated all the anime that I had watched so far.

Thanks to Baccano, anime would never be the same again.


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