12 Days of Christmas #11 The death of an immortal.

His works will live forever, but he however did not.

If my first post was about Tokyo Godfathers, how can I forget its creator? Even if is not an event to celebrate I think we still need to remember that 2010 was the year when Satoshi Kon left us, mortals, behind in search for a better future in the land of dreams.

It is a curious story of how I got to know about him, reading a magazine (don’t ask me which one because I don’t remember and I think it was actually book) where I found some interesting recommendations of animated films, one of them was Perfect Blue, which caught my attention for being a psychological thriller. After some watching and loving I found Tokyo Godfathers, if Baccano was the Holy Grail, I had now found the fountain of eternal youth.

Yet it was no longer after this amazing discovery, of not only of a great director but also the of fangirl that had always remain hidden, that the whole anime community had to lose him. I dare to say that nobody will be able to replace him, yes we will see many more amazing directors but there can only be one Satoshi Kon.

I’m sure the whole community will remember him, and I shall enjoy his films many, many times. Even if for me there is no consolation, I’m still thank full that I am able to enjoy his work so much, those works are the ones that will allow him to live forever in the hearts of so many anime fans, he made Memories in our hearts.

We lost him in 2010 but thanks to Satoshi Kon anime would never be the same again.

Side note: I might run out of legendary items before Christmas.

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