12 Moments of Anime: #10 The bridge that leads to comedy.

I don’t like gag anime, because I dolt like to see the same joke repeated gain and again until the benevolent me can’t take it any more,in few words I get bored to death. The result was a post traumatic comedy aversion, so strong that I used to avoid any kind of comedy. Until Arakawa appeared.

Before I continue and as a side note, I know that the second season is not, and by the way thing are going will never be, as good as the first one but how could I forget all the happy moments. I was practically in hibernation and, by the time I woke up, comedy had become something very intelligent and sophisticated.

How can something that feels so simple be so sophisticated? Since the story by itself doesn’t feel like anything special but what really makes the show this awesome are the characters, every one of them has a role, and a unique personality that just makes it right. They make it work, even if the comedy felt stupid, the made it shine, Sister, the Major, Ric, Nino all of them made something that could feel so stupid into something so intelligent.

I can’t think of a mythical object to compare it to, but it doesn’t need one, I can’t imagine myself living under that bridge, I would have a hell lot of fun but I would go crazy before the end of the season, I live pretty much by common sense and living in place where that doesn’t work would drive me nuts yet it made my day every episode.

I can’t say that Arakawa changed anime forever, but it really changed my perspective on comedy, only Arakawa could transform something that used to disgust me into something I could really love so thank you for appearing in my life.


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