12 Moments of Anime: #8 Noblesse oblige

I can’t actually remember if I watched Eden of the east in 2010 the only thing I am sure of is that I marathoned it…. But for time sake’s lets pretend I watched it on 2010, cos I’m behind and I have bad memory. Please let heavens forgive me.

The story of hoe I found Eden of the East is quite strange, nobody recommended it to me, I didn’t hear about in an anime site, or waited for it with high anticipation. I was just looking randomly for some anime (romance I should confess) and it appear in front of me, I never heard about it before but I thought the plot was interesting and the art was original, it looked decent. What really matters is how good it was, I loved everything: the animation, the story and the characters I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like and I wont forgive my friend who fell a sleep while watching it.

The story was full of mystery action and secret organizations, the animation was soft and high quality and the character were strong assertive and has a personality not a copy past from other series (unless one I haven’t watched yet) I was a whole new experience and one that I truly enjoyed. I might say that my timing hasn’t been so bad since then.

If I had to choose one scene fro this show that made my year I would be in deep trouble so lets say that me finding Eden of the East by accident is my number 8 moment of this year.

I have yet to watch the movies but I want to take it easy and enjoy them because now I do have high expectations. I would like to point out that I’m not an Oasis fan so I didn’t realise the opening was theirs until I googled it.


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