12 Moments of Anime: #9 Tsundere service

Tsundere is an interesting concept to describe someone’s personality, and it wasn’t untill this year that I finally understood what it really meant that I also realized that I was, or maybe still am, one of them, but this is not about me is about the tsundere girls who made my year.

But before that, something to take note about this concept is that “tsundere” only describes certain traits on someone’s personality, is not a box to put  a person and expect to know how everything about them just because you classify them as such. A tsundere usually is a shy person that tries to hide her/his feelings by a tough exterior. This toughness acts as a shield to protect a person’s feeling, from fear of being hurt by others. After all showing our emotions is showing vulnerability and gives other the power to hurt our feelings.

So here are the tsunderes that made my year.

Fist: Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

The origin of her tsundere side could come from her mother’s betrayal, someone whom she loved and trust letting a stranger abuse her daughter, not only forsaking her, but also giving her approval to such act. That kind of traumatic experience made her shut her emotions. in order to protect them afraid of being hurt again. Yet I find her character very interesting, since she is doesn’t use a tough appearance just to hide her real feeling, but the way she acts in other circumstances shows how strong she really is, also aware of her personality she tries to act cute and show her feelings from time to time.

Second Maya Kumashiro (Occult Academy)

Well I admit that Occult academy was a fiasco, but still had some amazing characters, one of them is Maya, the episode full of Maya’s expression was one of the best things that happen to that show, maybe the only good thing that happen. Maya would affirm she hated the occult yet the way she acted showed otherwise. The origin came from her father’s obsession towards the occult that at the end caused the disintegration of her family, something that she loved deeply had caused her a great grief, but still couldn’t get herself to hate it. At the same time is difficult to show affection for something that caused you so much pain.

Ain't cute?

And third Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

The lovely Misaki-chi, whose hate towards men, comes from her father abandonment,  similar to Maya’s father but in Misaki’s case her father left the house out of cowardice, leaving a huge debt behind and fully aware that his family would have to pay it off. As a result Misaki thought of men are cowards, who would abandon and betray their loved ones. But when someone tries to show her otherwise, created mixed feelings. Mix someone who shows a tough exterior as the only mechanism of defence and somebody who knows how to nullify it, the one who can see the deredere in the tsuntsun, in a few words a perfect match.

Tsun tsun

And I’m giving this three girls the ninth day of the 12 days before Christmas.

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