12 Christmas moments of Anime #7 Are you enjoying the Time of Eve?

I’m finding hard to remember which anime made my year but when I think hardly enough I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually watched a lot of good anime this year. I think.

On of them was Time of Eve, which I also found just by looking in anime lists, not even recommendations. But I enjoyed it a lot, but just talking about favourite series I watched this year is not that much fun so I shall pick a moment of the series that I loved the most. Sorry I couldn’t find a video in English xP.

And of course is the moment when Tex finally speaks, breaking the third law and at the same time we had the reconciliation between Tex and Masaki, who was in denial and said that distrusted robots. It was so heartbreaking bitter-sweet.

So robots showing that the had emotions and care for humans was my #6 moment of anime 2010 Bliss!!

And Tex looked like he was crying T_T I don’t remember if I was crying too.

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