Ergo Proxy 03 Mazecity

Back to usual business. In this meditation was like a culmination of what had happened in the previous two episodes, and finally an opening and I really like it 😀

Vincent Law wakes up in a train after dreaming weird stuff about, I guess his past. His phone rings, is his android only to find out that there is a conspiracy of some sort, after being shot (but not hit) runs away, trying to scape from the city and while doing so he finds Pino (the cute lovely android who has the cogito virus now) who wants to accompany him. Re-I finds out that someone has been accessing information from the computers, this somebody is a high up too,(Which higer up this could be? Would you mind to tell us General Director?) The general Director whose wife died (bloody and violently) together with their recently adopted(?) baby is sulking in his house while prentending he can play the piano. Re-I tries to stop Vincent from running away, in the middle of smack convince other people from the bureau arrives, Vincent is then forced (sucked) to leave the dome in a very handsome manner. Radiohead.

We have Rondo the great doomed domed city, and utopia controlled by this bureau of Statues including Father Re-I’s grandfather, all the civilians in this city “have been modelled on a pre-arranged information raison d’être (reason for their existence)” Which means that even the humans have been programmed with information before their creation, (though is hinted that Re-I might be different), also Vincent wasn’t born in the city (so I assume he is different too, a part from the fact the he is hinted to be a proxy), and to become a fellow citizen, he just needed to obey, which failed big time.

Comparing it with his usual looks I would call this a success

All creatures need freedom of expression and speech, we might not get a perfect society where everybody lives happily ever after, but I don’t think human beings need an utopia. The Proxies, whom we still know little about them only the they are beings similar to gods, have the power to give the auto reivs a conscience, leaving them self aware of their own existence. Creatures that were condemned to be servants now can think an chose for themselves but the humans who had this freedom from their birth have now abandoned it.

Thinking about how is society this days and how many people adopt certain roles from certain age without thinking by themselves, we might as well live in a Rondo. This logic certainly has its flaws since society is far from a utopia as it can be, but somehow we all seem to lose a little bit of our humanity, the ability to think for ourselves instead of just accepting everything that is given to us.

Cute!! ❤

Prophetic!! A jellyfish!!


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