12 Christmas moments of anime #6 Mukya~

Shot!, playing catchup on Christmas Eve so I’ll keep it short. I started watching Nodame quite recently (last year maybe) and the way I came across with it was similar to all my discoveries: I was here, the synopsis there and one thing comes to another. The God of anime must be watching my every step since I kept finding this all this good anime just by being there.

When I fist started watching Nodame Cantabile I was already taking piano lessons so even if it didn’t get me stated it surely got me motivated. Not like I improved at all after all this time but that’s another story. Anyway sharing a common trait with the main characters managed to drag me even deeper into the series (I think) and I felt like I could understand the the characters even more.

Furthermore I love the pair. I mean Chiaki and Megumi are completely opposites but is that what makes the chemistry between work so well. When you mix them they all go  GYABANG!!

That’s all a lazy post but I still have many to do. So Nodame Cantabilie is my number 6 moment of anime 2010.


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