12 Christmas moments of anime #5 One outs: the mastermind behind all baseball

I am late, but that doesn’t matter since we are still on 2010 and I hope to finish this before the year ends. I like to finish the things that I start (meaning that I LIKE to finish them, it doesn’t necessary imply that I actually finish them)

But I have absolutely no idea of what to write. I know what to do for my #1 and #2 but there are still 4 posts in the middle….. Ok I got flash of inspiration (a flash named manga updates)  so I better  finish this post before the inspiration disappears.

There is this anime, sometimes forgotten but I still love it to bits, (and yes I watched it this year. One of my many “Oh this looks interesting, lets watch it “discoveries). Should I add that so far I haven’t seen any girls in this series?…. not that I actually miss them, the show doesn’t actually need them. That’s right no fanservice, maybe that’s the reason why one outs  is not that popular.

I don’t want to talk about a single moment in the show since the show was good all the way trough. So good that I ended up watching the whole thing one single day. The plan was to watch it slowly, one episode at the time, but at the end I couldn’t resist and Tokuchi is so awesome that I had to know what happened next. Tokuchi is one of those main characters who doesn’t lose his composure and always keeps his cool. I actually want to fangirl over him but that would make me unworthy, so I’ll just stay classy and leave it with One outs as my #5 Moment of  2010.

I wonder if there is going to be a second season yet I don’t actually see it coming, if there is ever a season 2 it would be one of my 12 moments of the year.

PS: I know that Tokuchi looks like he is in drugs but believe me they guy is too smart to do drugs xP


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