Paradise Kiss 1 Atelier

Last time I watched Paradise Kiss was like four yeas ago. Quite a long time, I had even forgotten how peculiar the animation was but it was a rather enjoyable experience, yet on those times I was very deep into shoujo/romance and the way romance was handled in josei, or any other thing that wasn’t shoujo didn’t quite fit into my taste. But time goes by, people grow up and I think I’ve reached a certain level of maturity to enjoy series that need such maturity to be fully appreciated. Paradise Kiss is one of them.

The caricaturization they use is quite particular and I like it

Basically the story is about Yukari or “Caroline” and her journey to find what she really wants to in life, and how life is more than studying and pleasing her parent. Is a story of self discovery and some bittersweet romance. But that’s not all, we also have some amazing side characters who, even though they seem to have a better idea of their future, also need to find the path they been searching for. Is a very straightforward story and for that same reason is kind of easy to identify yourself with the characters and their feeling.


Pink hair has never been so pretty

The first episode is meant to be an introduction to the cast, and also the begging of how Yukari decided to become a model for Paradise Kiss. There is a lot of character development from her part, since we see her being dragged here and there, but everyone must learn how to make their own decisions and live according to them.


Lady killer!!

Random bra comment... I did remember this scene, though the bra was different


5 thoughts on “Paradise Kiss 1 Atelier

  1. Despite the fact that Yukari never actually ended up with the blue-haired fashion designer, it was a good anime nevertheless 🙂 Enjoyed it thoroughly.

    • Is a good anime.
      I think that the fact that they didn’t end together has another meaning, there was a lot of character growth and with growth you need to make decisions and sacrifices. And in this case love was the sacrifice.

  2. True, though it still saddened me in the end 😦
    But oh wells, she got married to her highschool crush so it’s alright 🙂

  3. Ahhh! Yazawa Ai. I’m still holding out for her recovering and triumphant return to NANA among other manga.

    Anyways, Paradise Kiss is a very nice anime. As per Yazawa’s usual style, each of the characters are fantastical but flawed in such a way that they are likable and easy to relate to. The pacing is also much nicer than in NANA and everything is well developed. Oh, I miss the edginess of her art already. ;( I need to re-watch this sometime soon.

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