Charcoal Feather Federation

After being told off for my laziness I shall now write something with the hope of it being interesting, or at least funny. In the worst case scenario it will be readable.

So what’s hot? Haibane Renmei the new black is charcoal and not exactly that new. It was aired on 2002 but sure is hot (and by hot I mean likeable).  I like the feeling of melancholia that makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside. Also the music is amazing and has a contrasting effect, if feels cool and refreshing. A very interesting combination if you ask me. 

For that and many reasons more, (cof cof the mystery cof cof) I really want to enjoy this series to the fullest. How? Well, the only way to do it is to avoid spoilers. Because even if usually I don’t really mind them, spoilers can really change your opinion of a show. As the say sometimes is not the destination but the journey. The journey is part of the experience so spoilers are banned from my eyes.

Die spoilers, I’m keeping my anime fresh.

Keep your anime fresh or it will spoil.

So what is it about? The story is centred around Rakka, she was just born/woke up from a cocoon/dream in a bizarre world (probably purgatory) where a group of girls with wings and halos greet her very excitedly. We’ve all been there, you wake up in hospital with amnesia while everyone you know is in the room, they all cheerfully greet you. Except that in this case nobody knows Rakka, they are all stranger. At least they have an idea of what going on. Still confusion confusion. These girls and Rakka who soon after grows wings too (All this happens on the same episode I’m not spoiling anything) go by the name of Haibane.

There are more people on the city, is a very big city surrounded by walls, but non of them has wings, only the Haibane have wings.. oh and the birds too, don’t ask me how THEY were born because I don’t know. The Haibane work in this city surrounded by walls and earn credits, yep they don’t get money, in fact the are treated like second class citizens, not by the people (so far) the ones in charge are some guys (whose names I can’t remember and I’m too scared to look at wikipedia to find out) of some kind of cult.

I still don’t know many thing about them but all this is part of the mystery right. Because there is a lot of mystery going on and I have many questions that hopefully will be answered as I progress further in the series.

I’m just enjoying the journey. So don’t spoil it.


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