Thoughts on evil penguin (part 2)

Wow, I’m on a roll, this must be fate. Anyway back to business. But first a confession.

Done, now,  another thing I really like about penguin drum the sense of urgency it gives, without saying anything I get the feeling that the hat doesn’t have much time either. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who sees it that way but it really gives away that feeling. So Continue reading


Thoughts on penguin group (Part 1)

Penguin Drum has been the hit of the season, everybody has something to say about it, and what a surprise!! Eeven I have something to say.

We all know that the story is completely original, which gives room to more speculation and less spoilers. The show has also raised many questions and I hope they don’t remain unanswered, to organize my thought’s I made a list… which transformed into a post. (Good for blogging)

To make this clear, what fallows is a list of mostly questions, some incomplete answers, strange conclusions and maybe some silly speculation. All mashed up together by the bonds of fate me. Soooo Continue reading

Confessions of a tsundere

Recently, very recently, (anything after my last post is [ashamed] recent) a certain blogger, without mentioning any names but Krizzlybear, wrote about dating tsunderes and domestic violence, not exactly like that, but yes that.

I have my opinion on the mater of course, since I consider myself a tsundere and identify with them. I’m not defending them though.

So now where do I start… well first, I firmly believe that tsundere origins are (mostly) traumatic, childhood probably, if someone acts tsun-tsun (IRL not just joking) because they are imitating a character then please die (shinde kudasai weaboos)

Trying to explain it on “simple” terms a tsundereism is an active/aggressive way of acting or being shy, due to insecurity and mostly for self-preservation of ones feelings. Continue reading