Thoughts on penguin group (Part 1)

Penguin Drum has been the hit of the season, everybody has something to say about it, and what a surprise!! Eeven I have something to say.

We all know that the story is completely original, which gives room to more speculation and less spoilers. The show has also raised many questions and I hope they don’t remain unanswered, to organize my thought’s I made a list… which transformed into a post. (Good for blogging)

To make this clear, what fallows is a list of mostly questions, some incomplete answers, strange conclusions and maybe some silly speculation. All mashed up together by the bonds of fate me. Soooo

1; What is the penguin drum and what is it for?

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure is not the diary but whatever

2; What is the hat and why does it need the penguin drum?

I don’t think the hat is just a hat, so far it has been proved that it acts a soul gem to Himari, the truck scene reminded me to that Madoka scene when she throws the souls gem into a lorry.

The transformation sequence reminds me of my biology classes too… know….. hint/fecundation/hint . Is also worth pointing out how the two bear(?) mecha(?) things(?) might represent two parallel worlds(two different cells), connected by a staircase catwalk bridge. Whether the hat is unable to fully materialize in our own world(cell) is unknown. Could this be the survival strategy the hat keeps shouting about? duh-no

3; Why did the “hat” choose the Takakura siblings?

I’m sure there must be a reason for this, they weren’t just convenient and easily manipulable because of the dying sister. The hat not only needs the penguin drum but also the siblings….maybe

Which brings me to their parents, it has been hinted that they might not be dead, another resemblance to Night on the Galactic Railroad.

Giovanni’s father is also missing (due to work) and is during (and probably due to) his absence, Giovanni’s family is suffering, in health and in wealth.

There is also something very shady about them, how they disappeared and about Kanba too.

Which brings me to another thing I wanted to say

This logos, I’m still not sure about what they represent, and what does their presence mean. Because I’m sure they must mean something….. something important or relevant.

I’m still unable to draw any conclusions about them but I might be getting an idea.

First one: The normal penguin group logo, it was on

  • The opening
  • The box where the penguins were delivered.
  • The picture of the Swallow’s nest.
  • A building on the area Ringo was waiting for Tabuki.
  • The brand of curry Ringo choose on the store.
  • The truck where the penguin hat “happened” to get stuck into.
  • Maybe somewhere else while I wasn’t looking.

Second one: The half half, less frequent I’ve seen it on

  • The opening
  • The balls Natsume uses to erase memories and I don’t know what else
  • The skunk that ruined Ringo’s date plan on ep4
  • Kenzan Takakur’s (super dady) jacket during the typhoon on ep5
  • The envelope full of money Kanba used to pay for the house (Shaddy boy)
  • Maybe somewhere else I’ve also missed

Thirdly: the penguin king logo, the most rare of them all. I’ve only seen it on

  • The opening
  • The train station-like doors at the beginning of each transformation sequence.

What does each logo mean? I’m still not sure but I’m eager to find out….

This is supposed to be a first part of something but god knows when I’ll feel like writing again so….

So far this is it and hopefully there will be more, wiii I’m writing.

Some screencaps, in case people missed the penguins

This last one was very well hidden, I’m sure they mean something.

For me the second one means something shaddy, that’s why it intrigues me it was featured on super daddy’s jacket.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on penguin group (Part 1)

  1. Nice point about the two mechas/parallel world idea. There are so many things going on in that sequence that most of what is being implied is probably going right over my head.

    Anyway, I’m currently looking at the penguin-hat as some sort of artificial lifeline, like a pacemaker or something, rather than a kind of soul gem. If anything the 3 penguins themselves seem closer to that idea, each mirroring their respective sibling personalities eerily close. It’s almost like they’re an extension of the brothers/sister’s psyche.

    The logos are another fascinating notion I’ve failed to pick up on. The second (half/half) symbol does seem like a portent to ill fortune/bad intentions etc, although it does seem a little early to make any sort of definite conclusion.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Indeed the penguins are incredibly similar to their respective owners, which makes me think the might represent more than just a mirror image.

      It might still be too early for speculations, but the logos did intrigue from the beginning, specially since they have been featured a lot, and I think they are worth paying attention to.

      And thank you for reading and your great comment 🙂

  2. Hmm, was only peripherally aware of the logs, so good job on picking those out and the possible associated patterns…

    The show is certainly chock-full of symbolism, but I hope that it’s not all symbols/ stylistic quirks/ invention over substance… Guess only time will tell… if I keep watching, that is…

    • The strongest part of this show is indeed the mystery, though also the characters are well done.
      I too hope the real plot (which is still a mystery lol) has substance and is well done too.

      Thank you for your commentary ❤

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