Thoughts on evil penguin (part 2)

Wow, I’m on a roll, this must be fate. Anyway back to business. But first a confession.

Done, now,  another thing I really like about penguin drum the sense of urgency it gives, without saying anything I get the feeling that the hat doesn’t have much time either. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who sees it that way but it really gives away that feeling. So 4; Who is the main character? 

From what I’ve seen I can clearly say is  Shouma, he is our narrator at the beginning of episode one, telling us the story in a “from the future looking into the past” kind of way. The story is mostly told through his eyes, with only glimpses of the other characters while they aren’t with Shouma, specially Kanba (that shady guy~). We see very little of Kamba when the twins aren’t together. I’m pretty sure Kanba knows something, and I like him, because he is a shady and a siscon.

Side note: I’m shipping Shouma with Ringo, just so you know.

Kanba, he would fit the “Himari’s prince” image, the one who is willing to give up everything, (morals, his safety, and even his own life) for her sake. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the suspicious things he seems to be involved in started with “for Himari’s sake”.

Himari: I can’t help but compare her with Madoka. In the sense we see very little of her yet the story seems to move around her, (the drive of her brothers and how they  got involved in this strange vents in the first place).

In the ending sequence, the red thread of fate, which is supposed to be attached to one’s fated person (lover) in Japanese folklore (I think not only Japanese) so ship away…. or maybe her destined “person” is death itself  so, no matter what her brothers do she is gonna die anyway.

5; What is the role of the numbered penguins? 

It has been mentioned that each penguin has a certain resemblance to their partner, this made me try to look about penguins on myths and folklore, only to find nothing. My question was “Why did they decide to use penguins?” I eve looked at word origins, but I don’t know Japanese so I can’t relate it to anything.

From what I’ve seen, each penguin could represent the fate of the siblings, hence the resemblance. Also the penguin hat claims to come from the destination of their fates (the future, more time travelling for you) and their first apparition was in the aquarium (reference to Night on the Galactic Railroad, last station…end of the jurney? Day explains it better)

6; What is the main plot?

This is the most intriguing question, the anime is interesting but also mysterious, I have no idea of what’s going on, motives, origins, we are not given any of that, I find it interesting trying to discover the plot as the story unravels. The word that keeps repeating (apart from penguins) is fate ( unmei which Day also talks about it better)

The interesting thing about fate, or destiny, and how can it can be usually reduced to a standalone event, those who are familiar with the Butterfly Effect, (Steins;gate fans) and how one single encounter can  break  a chain of events with more significant consequences.

To make an example, Even though the twins were tailing Ringo around the never actually intervened with her activities, until she met Himari. Was that fate in full action? Probably, even without the hat they might have meet…or maybe not, would Himari be on her own doing shopping?

Actually that wasn’t a very good example but the word counter ringed sooo screenshot time.

Fate in action

Nop, that's not the reason why I like him

Call it fate but IRL that would be really creepy

Yes, I shipped them, how can you not love a stalker?

Anyways that is all for now, the good thing about the “part 2” title is that this could be the end or there can be more


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