Again!! & the loser main character: Just because he is a loser doesn’t mean he must be a wimp


I kind of wanted to make this port about the importance of character development and how it works, but screw that, after all I just wanted an excuse to write about good characters individually, and why and how they work (individually).

After pretending to writing about the lady boos (or Dragon lady) I had a death wish to write about the other roles a character could have, the famous loser male lead is one of them, mainly because I happen to see one of them being well written with good execution, plus I want everybody to read this manga because so far has been so good.

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Dragon lady and the female boss character


Balalaika, the head boss of Hotel Moscow.
A force to be feared in the Black Lagoon universe.

Anime and other forms of media are always criticized of being sexist, portraying women as a sexual object, etcetera, etcetera I don’t really want to get into that, even though I get the feeling I will.

Note: If you haven’t finish Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/ Berserk get out of here, I try to avoid spoilers but I can’t guarantee anything…

Actually, only worry about FMA: B, there are perhaps spoilers from ep 30

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5cm/s. Because going too slow is also a crime


I find Byosoku an edgy kind of anime, I hear some calling it a masterpiece and those who find it mind numbing, I say if you like clouds this is might be the anime for you. The first person who recommended me this anime, I can only describe him as a cynical romantic, aware of its unpopularity said “if you haven’t loved (mutual) and lost, you wouldn’t be able to understand it”1

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