Again!! & the loser main character: Just because he is a loser doesn’t mean he must be a wimp


I kind of wanted to make this port about the importance of character development and how it works, but screw that, after all I just wanted an excuse to write about good characters individually, and why and how they work (individually).

After pretending to writing about the lady boos (or Dragon lady) I had a death wish to write about the other roles a character could have, the famous loser male lead is one of them, mainly because I happen to see one of them being well written with good execution, plus I want everybody to read this manga because so far has been so good.

Recently I came up with a manga called Again!! by Kubo Mitsuko,

The story is basically about Imamura Kinichirou (Our MC), starting in his High School graduation day, which he hated. Our main character is very cynical and negative about his HS life, but doesn’t seem to have any kind of juvenile regrets for a colourful youth or anything…. unfortunately due to an accident he ends up traveling 3 years back to his freshman entrance ceremony. (There is a better description on the Baka-updates link)

The story basically ticks the following boxes

  1. A loser character male lead
  2. Set in high school
  3. He literally has 0 friends

This has been done before countless, but this story remain fresh and original.

First of all here is our main character in the first chapter


So what makes him different from other loser main characters.

First of all he is a loner partially by choice, yes was ignored 3 years by his classmates yet he did nothing to change his image, basically because he didn’t care and it was much of a bother, we don’t see him whining about his poor circumstances every panel, he just lives his life as it comes along. Good characterization here

Secondly, he acts by his own motives, we don’t see him being dragged around by the other characters and on the occasions when they try to manipulate him, he fights back, a loser with pride.

The fact he time-travels back is shown in his current behaviour, our MC doesn’t get stuck in being a child.

Those are the main characteristics I remember, and after reading them, it doesn’t seem like they belong to this type of personage, but his loser status is well defined since the beginning of the story,  and his development feels natural and well timed.

The other characters are not to be underestimated either.

I’m not very good at recommending stuff this way but, in short, why should anybody read Again!!? Well there is loser type of character who doesn’t whim(… actually he does, once, because of boredom…) is funny, clever, refreshing and interesting.

And I haven’t mentioned the cheering squad “war” which is the main point of the series

If you are not convinced, here is a teaser





2 thoughts on “Again!! & the loser main character: Just because he is a loser doesn’t mean he must be a wimp

  1. I think that’s an interesting and specific case where his apparent social value is that of a loser, but his internal characteristics aren’t those of a loser. He seems highly competent and uninterested in playing petty social games.

    I read a paper about this once (whose name I can’t recall) but basically, sometimes high value signals and low value signals in social situations can be hard to differentiate. People can fall outside of a mainstream range because they are excellent as well as because they are incompetent.

    • Thank you very much for comment

      Another thing I’s like to point out about the portrayal of his character, is the maturity that only comes with experience, the MC is mentally 3 years older than the rest so of course his social values would be different, is is no longer a kid playing petty social games, even if he suddenly finds himself in one of them.

      I like this kind of story whit this kind of loser character who, in fact, is not as much of a loser as they think… instead of the old bland male lead

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