Notes on Hyouka Part 0: Prologue

This is just an introduction to a series of posts I’ve had in mind for a while. The “official” first post, out of a possible 3 or more, will be up before Thursday. Assuming I don’t lose motivation before finish them all, the posts will go as follows.

  1. A vague comparison of the main characters of bot series (S.H. and Hyouka)
  2. A more detailed analysis and, depending on the length, might be divided on several posts, each focusing on an individual character.
  3. (Uncertain) If was unable to mention them in the previous posts I’ll try break up the arcs and small stories in Houyka and mark the resemblances between them and the S.H. ones

In all probability there will be a lot of Sherlock Holmes spoilers, ideally you should read all of the S.H. stories and novels and draw your own conclusions, then you wouldn’t need to go through my awful writing and we could all live happily ever after.

The post you are currently reading barely mentions Hyouka or Holmes and is only an explanation on how I ended up with the need to write about them. Frankly speaking, this post is neither interesting nor relevant to the others that’ll follow  so feel free to skip it, please skip it.

The reason why I’m publishing it is because the first paragraph of the promised-before-Thursday post will have no context without it. Also, taking into consideration this events took place more than a month ago, I’m publicly condemning myself to a deadline for it.

Prologue: The adventure of the bored Roghek

I love the mystery genre and in the past I even dared  to consider myself a Sherlock Holmes fan even though I had only read the Spanish translated version of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” and the Collection of short stories of “The return of Sherlock Holmes”  back when I was in middle school (In my own free will, not because some teacher forced me to). Considering how translation will never be 100% accurate, there was practically no evidence to back my bold claims.

It gets worse, I even had a bit of trouble while reading the novel, even on my native language, my mushy brain couldn’t grasp the magnificent of deductions, not to mention I usually try to be a fast reader and, aided by wondering mind, it was difficult for me to notice the details or picture the scenery.

That didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience though, the short stories were easier to follow, except for the first one (The adventure of the empty house) which I didn’t understand at all since the story takes place after the events on The Final Problem, in which Sherlock allegedly “died”. Everything else was all right.

Back to the present. After watching Hyouka and its approach to mystery I was really tempted to read more of Sherlock Holmes. Not just Holmes though, I wanted to read more in general, the only reason I had not done so was due to procrastination and boredom (a.k.a.mental procrastination) and even if the intention was now present, there was but one problem, current me lacks the free time younger me used to have to her disposal (which younger me usually spent watching television), current me works and does a bunch of more things, which leaves younger me with little or no time for to read one novel, let alone 4 and the 5 anthologies.

Where could I possible find the time? – I asked Myself  -You are the brilliant and flexible genius, think of something –Myself modestly replied

So a brilliant and flexible idea came to me. There was a way for me to go around this, it would have certain drawbacks but it would suffice for my purpose and as I said, I’m flexible.

I remember one day I was sewing while my mum was watching some odd thing on the computer, loud enough for me to hear, and I found myself unconsciously paying attention as I kept sewing without thinking, Multitasking! What a great discovery, instead of reading with my eyes I could “read” with my ears. Welcome to the 21st century you are 12 years late.

To make thing even easier, my friend Sherlock happens to be very famous so naturally it was easy to get hold of a dramatized version of his adventures, the one I eventually managed to capture is very faithful to the original. I could now listen to Sherlock while commuting, (which takes me around 5 minutes), while walking from home to commuting, (which takes me longer and it would have been suicide to walk while reading), while on my sewing class, (I even get to concentrate more, no more gossip or distractions). That was the beginning of a great experiment.

This happened 2 weeks ago1, from when I started writing this post, and I finished three of the  anthologies and two novels, so I can freely call this experiment a success. Even if it was an abridged version of Holmes(specially the novels), is still better that not reading or listening to anything at all. If anything I’m quite sad since I don’t want to end it, I still have the extra The further adventures of Sherlock Holmes which will soothed my agony.

1. At the time of writing, I have now finished all the novels and short stories and might go for an Agatha Christie story this time, if one catches my attention.


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