About this blog:

If in another dimension I was married to this blog (me the husband, she the wife), she would have asked (demanded) for a divorce.

I have a tendency of neglecting my wife for long periods of time.

However, I never married this blog and therefore I’m free to neglect it as much as I want, and bear with the guilt of it for as long as I can.

Having said that, I hate writing (about anything), is one of those hates born out of a love that could never be, never meant to happen.

Writing and I could never be together however in our relationship of hate and rivalry we decided to co-exist and this blog was born.

About the author:

An anime and manga “fan” who is good at finding excuses to not bother. But in all her tsundereness she still tries/hopes/wishes to write about something, if not interesting at least readable.

Peace out.


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