Ergo Proxy 03 Mazecity

Back to usual business. In this meditation was like a culmination of what had happened in the previous two episodes, and finally an opening and I really like it ūüėÄ

Vincent Law wakes up in a train after dreaming weird stuff about, I guess his past. His phone rings, is his android only to find out that there is a conspiracy of some sort, after being shot (but not hit) runs away, trying to scape from the city and while doing so Continue reading


Ergo Proxy 01 Awakening

Lets start with the facts: Ergo proxy was aired during in 2006 which makes it fairly new yet with so many new series airing each season we need to look back to the past and give old and not so old series the chance to prove themselves good. With this in mind I gave myself the opportunity to watch this series from the beginning again and finish it once and for all. Continue reading