Notes on Hyouka Part 0: Prologue

This is just an introduction to a series of posts I’ve had in mind for a while. The “official” first post, out of a possible 3 or more, will be up before Thursday. Assuming I don’t lose motivation before finish them all, the posts will go as follows.

  1. A vague comparison of the main characters of bot series (S.H. and Hyouka)
  2. A more detailed analysis and, depending on the length, might be divided on several posts, each focusing on an individual character.
  3. (Uncertain) If was unable to mention them in the previous posts I’ll try break up the arcs and small stories in Houyka and mark the resemblances between them and the S.H. ones

In all probability there will be a lot of Sherlock Holmes spoilers, ideally you should read all of the S.H. stories and novels and draw your own conclusions, then you wouldn’t need to go through my awful writing and we could all live happily ever after.

The post you are currently reading barely mentions Hyouka or Holmes and is only an explanation on how I ended up with the need to write about them. Frankly speaking, this post is neither interesting nor relevant to the others that’ll follow  so feel free to skip it, please skip it.

The reason why I’m publishing it is because the first paragraph of the promised-before-Thursday post will have no context without it. Also, taking into consideration this events took place more than a month ago, I’m publicly condemning myself to a deadline for it.

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