Confessions of a tsundere

Recently, very recently, (anything after my last post is [ashamed] recent) a certain blogger, without mentioning any names but Krizzlybear, wrote about dating tsunderes and domestic violence, not exactly like that, but yes that.

I have my opinion on the mater of course, since I consider myself a tsundere and identify with them. I’m not defending them though.

So now where do I start… well first, I firmly believe that tsundere origins are (mostly) traumatic, childhood probably, if someone acts tsun-tsun (IRL not just joking) because they are imitating a character then please die (shinde kudasai weaboos)

Trying to explain it on “simple” terms a tsundereism is an active/aggressive way of acting or being shy, due to insecurity and mostly for self-preservation of ones feelings. Continue reading


12 Days of Christmas: The Baccano who wake me up to reality

Getting started in this industry called anime, can only be compared to being a new-born baby. And just like a baby who cannot feed itself, change clothes and can only cry about things, and I found myself in the same position.

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Ergo Proxy 02 Confession

I seriously need to get the rhythm of this thing, just learned how to use tags and how are different from categories… well just the position.

This sums up everything I guess

Back to matters of real interest:

In this second meditation we see a doubtful Re-I trying to get her head around the previous events. Trying to keep her composure but how could she believe in her own sanity if everyone around tells her otherwise? Even the robot’s voice (Iggy) gets deleted and to justify all this mess she is told that Vincent Law fancies her and has been stalking her. Good excuse actually because that actually might be true. Continue reading