Thoughts on penguin group (Part 1)

Penguin Drum has been the hit of the season, everybody has something to say about it, and what a surprise!! Eeven I have something to say.

We all know that the story is completely original, which gives room to more speculation and less spoilers. The show has also raised many questions and I hope they don’t remain unanswered, to organize my thought’s I made a list… which transformed into a post. (Good for blogging)

To make this clear, what fallows is a list of mostly questions, some incomplete answers, strange conclusions and maybe some silly speculation. All mashed up together by the bonds of fate me. Soooo Continue reading


Confessions of a tsundere

Recently, very recently, (anything after my last post is [ashamed] recent) a certain blogger, without mentioning any names but Krizzlybear, wrote about dating tsunderes and domestic violence, not exactly like that, but yes that.

I have my opinion on the mater of course, since I consider myself a tsundere and identify with them. I’m not defending them though.

So now where do I start… well first, I firmly believe that tsundere origins are (mostly) traumatic, childhood probably, if someone acts tsun-tsun (IRL not just joking) because they are imitating a character then please die (shinde kudasai weaboos)

Trying to explain it on “simple” terms a tsundereism is an active/aggressive way of acting or being shy, due to insecurity and mostly for self-preservation of ones feelings. Continue reading

Charcoal Feather Federation

After being told off for my laziness I shall now write something with the hope of it being interesting, or at least funny. In the worst case scenario it will be readable.

So what’s hot? Haibane Renmei the new black is charcoal and not exactly that new. It was aired on 2002 but sure is hot (and by hot I mean likeable).  I like the feeling of melancholia that makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside. Also the music is amazing and has a contrasting effect, if feels cool and refreshing. A very interesting combination if you ask me.  Continue reading

Paradise Kiss 1 Atelier

Last time I watched Paradise Kiss was like four yeas ago. Quite a long time, I had even forgotten how peculiar the animation was but it was a rather enjoyable experience, yet on those times I was very deep into shoujo/romance and the way romance was handled in josei, or any other thing that wasn’t shoujo didn’t quite fit into my taste. But time goes by, people grow up and I think I’ve reached a certain level of maturity to enjoy series that need such maturity to be fully appreciated. Paradise Kiss is one of them. Continue reading

12 Christmas moments of anime #5 One outs: the mastermind behind all baseball

I am late, but that doesn’t matter since we are still on 2010 and I hope to finish this before the year ends. I like to finish the things that I start (meaning that I LIKE to finish them, it doesn’t necessary imply that I actually finish them)

But I have absolutely no idea of what to write. I know what to do for my #1 and #2 but there are still 4 posts in the middle….. Ok I got flash of inspiration (a flash named manga updates)  so I better  finish this post before the inspiration disappears.

There is this anime, sometimes forgotten but I still love it to bits, (and yes I watched it this year. Continue reading

12 Christmas moments of anime #6 Mukya~

Shot!, playing catchup on Christmas Eve so I’ll keep it short. I started watching Nodame quite recently (last year maybe) and the way I came across with it was similar to all my discoveries: I was here, the synopsis there and one thing comes to another. The God of anime must be watching my every step since I kept finding this all this good anime just by being there. Continue reading

Ergo Proxy 03 Mazecity

Back to usual business. In this meditation was like a culmination of what had happened in the previous two episodes, and finally an opening and I really like it 😀

Vincent Law wakes up in a train after dreaming weird stuff about, I guess his past. His phone rings, is his android only to find out that there is a conspiracy of some sort, after being shot (but not hit) runs away, trying to scape from the city and while doing so Continue reading