More penguins and the children who have to pay for their parent’s sins

No prof reading cuz I’m lazy and wrote this on a whim beacuse this person Draggle wrote something relating the bible, and penguin drum, and I couldn’t resist adding a bit more to it. This is kind of the thing TWWK would write,(Christianity/Anime) but I haven’t seen him doing it yet, so busted.

I’m doing it, horribly by the way, so skip it, because this will probably be more about the bible than penguin drum and you don’t want to read that.

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Ergo Proxy 02 Confession

I seriously need to get the rhythm of this thing, just learned how to use tags and how are different from categories… well just the position.

This sums up everything I guess

Back to matters of real interest:

In this second meditation we see a doubtful Re-I trying to get her head around the previous events. Trying to keep her composure but how could she believe in her own sanity if everyone around tells her otherwise? Even the robot’s voice (Iggy) gets deleted and to justify all this mess she is told that Vincent Law fancies her and has been stalking her. Good excuse actually because that actually might be true. Continue reading